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Some Info About Me

My name is Ellis Carter and I am avid reader with a love of crime novels & fantasy in particular

Love the Game of Thrones series and Tyrion is quality. Flew through the books very quickly as I just couldn't put them down. Would love a dog like Jon Snows. Got 2 dogs that mean the world to me.

Only been in my job for a few months but love it.

Why Have I Made This Site?

For some reason completely unknown to myself, I have always been fascinated by personal finance issues and with the constant barrage of bad press regarding certain types of loan, I felt that much of this was avoidable if people were able to enter an agreement with their eyes open.

Whilst not everyone is as straightforward to deal with as I hope to ensure that people can steer away from 'unscrupulous' lenders and towards loans which will not break the bank.